Schwaiger KOX 996/100 002


Schwaiger KOX 996/100 002




KOX 996/100 002

SAT Coaxial Cable (90 dB)

This SCHWAIGER® coaxial cable is suitable for high requirements with satellite and cable TV systems. Due to its higher screening efficiency of 90 dB, it offers additional protection against electromagnetic interference. The cable can be shortened as desired and then be equipped with compatible F connectors. SCHWAIGER® offers a suitable stripping tool.

  • shielded twice for low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
  • cable is equipped with meter coding
  • high shielding efficiency guaranteed
  • moisture-resistant with high long-term stability
  • suitable F connectors: Ø 7 mm
  • (Schwaiger FST 70xx)


Shielding 2-way shielded
Classifacation Class A
Shielding value 90 dB
Cable length 100 meters
Attenuation at 100 meters 6 db at 47 MHz               20 db at 950 MHz
12 db at 470 MHz            26 db at 1750 MHz
18 db at 860 MHz            30 db at 2150 MHz
Color White
Shielding material aluminum composite film, 96-wire aluminum braid
Inner conductor – material Cu
Cable structure 1mm (inner conductor)
4,57mm (dielectric)
7mm (sheath)
Sheat – material plastic (PVC)
Impedance 75 ohm
SKU KOX 996/100 002


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